South Sudan officials welcome Israel’s Spacecom

(Horntrde) – Israel’s communications satellite company Spacecom, hope recent discussions with South Sudan will boost their communications and telecommunications industry role in the world’s youngest nation .

South Sudan’s Telecommunications Ministry said officials discussed potential future cooperation in a statement. Reportedly, future meetings have been arranged with other Israeli telecoms, aerospace and technology companies.

South Sudan hopes their relationship with Israel will assist in producing high-end communications technology in the near future to bolster industry. Telecoms is struggling with the country’s poor infrastructure.

Spacecom’s AMOS-5 satellite serving Africa began commercial operations 25 January this year. The company said on its website it is primed to be a premier satellite communications carrier for African in terms of broadcast and data in the near future.

“As we build up our infrastructure, Israel and its industries provide ample experience of best practices which we can emulate,” said Maj. Gen Madut Biar Yel, South Sudan’s Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services.


Source: itnewsafrica

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