Djibouti: Connect to Learn expands in collaboration with Ericsson

(HornTrade) – Djibouti Telecom signed Thursday with Mr. Anders B. Lindblad, Head of the Middle East Telecommunications Company Swedish Ericsson, a memorandum of understanding providing students and schoolchildren in Djibouti, through the program “Connect to Learn”, access to quality education using the technology of the information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Five high schools, two technical schools, will benefit initially from this innovative program which must be spread over two years.

The schools in question will be equipped with hardware and high-bandwidth connections with financing from Djibouti Telecom and Ericsson.

“Connect To Learn”, remember, is a non-profit global education developed by Ericsson, Millennium Promise and the Earth Institute as Scientific Advisor to provide secondary education for the 21st century – particularly girls – by offering scholarships and secondary education by using ICT to connect classrooms and improve access to quality educational resources worldwide.

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