The Russian giant GAZPROM moved to Djibouti

As part of its diversification strategy and deployment of its international business, the Russian gas giant GAZPROM just moved to Djibouti.

The company is a giant Gazprom energy, her everything is superlative: more than 400,000 employees, the largest company in Russia, the third market capitalization, the largest exporter of gas in the world. Gazprom owns the largest pipeline network in the world (155,000 km), and holds positions in banks, insurance, media, construction and agriculture.

In the case of Djibouti, it is Gazprom Neft, a subsidiary of the multinational oil energy that comes from taking up residence at the Djibouti Free Zone, which is a significant step forward for commercial DFZ.

Choosing the location is not accidental: Djibouti Free Zone combines a business-friendly environment, a generous package of tax and non tax incentives, with in it, world class facilities including offices equipped , modern warehouses and plots of land serviced. Access has a network of 6,000 businesses across the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), and proximity to regional markets (COMESA) make it a platform conducive to investment and business.

“Our client Gazprom Neft Marine bunkering Ltd. plans to deliver and sell marine fuel through its local subsidiary to be located in Free Zone by the month of May 2010, it is called Djibouti FZCO Bunkering Company,” said Ali Ahmed Aouled , the commercial director of the DFZ.

“The company already has two storage tanks and a barge in the marine oil terminal Doraleh (operated by Horizon Terminal Limited), operate and monitor its activities from a rented office in the DFZ” Has added.

He must also know that the geostrategic position of our country largely explains the arrival Gazprom Neft. Djibouti is located near a dense maritime traffic: merchant ships, freighters, pleasure boats, and of course the fleet of the international coalition in charge of security of merchant shipping against Somali pirates.

Thus the DFZ, in synergy with the port and airport entities, is the main entrance door of foreign investment.

The arrival of this major player in the field of naval replenishment medium term will enhance the quality of service to attract other investment.

Note that these activities are part of the strategy development and openness of our economy.

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