Sudan completes electricity linkage with Ethiopia

July 17, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — Sudan completed on Friday the installation of the last tower in a electricity linkage project in order to import electric power from Ethiopia starting from next year.

By 2010, Ethiopia will generate more than 4,000 megawatts, enabling the country to provide 50 percent of its 80 million people with electricity, and export electricity to Sudan and Djibouti in a first time and Kenya in a second phase after the implementation of an ambitious multimillion –dollar plan to produce power.

On Friday Sudan has ended the installation of the last linkage tower in the town of Galabat in the state of Gardaref, a few hundred of yards from the Ethiopian border; said engineer Siddiq Haroun the manager of the project’s site.

The electricity line, which extends from Gadaref to Galabat, covers 157 klm and designed to carry 220KV. The carrier line consists of 407 towers in addition to the two electricity sub-stations in Gadaref.

The project is being implemented by the National Electricity Corporation through a funding of 25 million US dollars extended by the Indian Imports and Exports Bank, besides a local component of nine million US dollars.

Haroun said the completion of the installation of all electricity transmission lines, by the end of the year and the opening of the Ethiopian-Sudanese electricity linkage project in the first quarter of next year, in coordination with the Ethiopian authorities.

(Source ST)

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