Port of Djibouti maintains its progress according to the latest Economic Bulletin (IBE)

(HornTrade) – The last newsletter published quarterly by the Economic Department under the Ministry of Finance reports that the International Port of Djibouti, contrary to popular belief, has maintained his progress over the years.

According to IBE, the port has performed well with growth of 25.33% as incoming.

The port reported as 10,101,128 tons landed in 2009 against 8,059,273 tonnes in 2008.

The dry cargo imports totaled 7,831, 854 tons in 2009, representing an annual increase of 35.63%.

Nearly 90% of dry goods imported are intended for Ethiopia, they would have increased by 57.22% in 2009 (37% for steel work and 48% for industrial products).

Imports of Somalia have taken it on in 2009 with annual increases of over 77%.

As for imports in Djibouti, they marked a decline of 36.32% compared to 2008, but remain at a level better than previous years, according to the Bulletin.

Regarding the transhipment traffic, the source document notes that suffers a decline of 40% compared to 2008, from $ 369,996 to 221,639 tons in 2009.

The Bulletin explains the decline by the disruption caused by the problem of piracy and competition from the port of Aden earlier this year.

Regarding oil imports, which reflects a slight decrease of 0, 68% in stabilizing at 2,269,274 tons.

This decrease was due to the reduction (30.23%) Ethiopian imports, despite Djibouti imports have increased sharply in 2009.

Indeed, oil imports in Djibouti following the development of the country’s economic activities marking an increase of 90.5%.

With a volume of 1,180,062 tons, the export traffic shrank by 7.17% compared to the volume shipped in 2008.

Despite a decent performance overall during the year 2009 exports of Djibouti and those related to transfer that have experienced increases of 2.16% and 2.28%, Ethiopian exports dropped 17.21%.

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