Leadinspiration awarded contracts to design LTE networks in East Africa.

Representatives from Dubai-based Conway Bond Telecommunications, Leadinspiration, Inc, headquartered in London, and members of the African Union have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, Legal Framework as well as a Proceedings contract to develop a Next Generation Network in several nations in Africa.
The de facto state of Somaliland will be the first nation to experience the fastest broadband in Africa, up to 150 MB of speed, as well as the introduction of services, such as mobile broadband, focused on supporting starting businesses as well as to increase efficiency in the established firms in the area.

The initial phase of the project consists of two 3G Networks with special added value services such as Voice2Text, IVR, Hunt Groups, Conference calling, SMS Gateways, calling cards, Varsity numbers, Roaming, Interconnectivity, Mobile Broadband, as well as a LTE, Long Term Evolution network, part of 4G Technology, that is going to start being assembled in Q3 2010, starting in the North coast region of the Horn of Africa.
Leadinspiration si also introducing a whole new set of cutting-edge standards, such as multi-tasking antennas that are solar powered and easy to assemble, motion detection sensors for protection of radio bases against vandalism, interconnection and security for government buildings, encryption for phone conversations via TLS, as well as very competitive rates for international termination of circuits.

” We truly believe, technology is able to bring social and political stability in a nation. I was impressed with the level of development within the cellular / telecoms industry in East Africa, competition is fierce but rather exciting. We are bringing in some of the hottest tools available today, like encrypted IP Phones, ENUMs, LTE dongles for laptops, Video Conferencing equipment and next generation networks along with the mobile phones to support them. That, combined with a fresh view, a completely new approach, clear vision, true problem assessment, as well as coordinated execution in concert with the major equipment manufacturers and local authorities. We bring 92 vendors under our wing, ready to start the spark in the local market as well as to empower small businesses and home consumers.
This contract represents major challenges as well as enormous opportunities for us, and it comes to show that not only the “big players” have a shot in coming in.
Small companies with horizontal structures, low overhead and openness to ideas have a chance to collaborate and to be part of a nation’s success story”,
- Paulo Sossa-Saborio, President and CEO of Leadinspiration, Inc.

After several months of diligent negotiations, the contracts have been approved by government officials as well as for the Telecommunications Associations, pertaining for each nation. The plans, which include a full-featured NOC, Network Operation Center, will be the facility that will host many activities such as website
hosting, customer support, phone gateway for both landline and cellphone call termination / origination, as well as data bulk processing.

Financial details of the agreement are not yet available to the public.

The agreement, signed on May 3rd, 2010, is part of Leadinspiration’s, aggressive strategy in helping establish the technological base needed for developing nations to raise up to the level of other nations in the telecommunications industry.

Source: TechWire.Org /SomalilandPress

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