Djibouti: The country’s economic situation in the first quarter of 2010

(HornTrade) - The national economy in the first quarter of 2010 remains at a level favorable, according to a recent newsletter published by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The Bulletin considers promising  the field of electricity and water, in the number of subscribers, with the first quarter of 2010, 562 additional subscribers between two successive quarters and 1828 subscribers compared to last year’s same period.

In the water sector, on an interval of three months, the number of subscribers increased from 18 984 to 19 250 subscribers is 266 subscribers by adding (1.4%).

The maritime transport sector, lung of the national economy, is declining for both goods at the entry and exit. Competed in the transfer by the international port of Aden, the port of Djibouti on display three months -20.5% and -30% input to output.

On road transport, the Bulletin notes that observes a growth in activity by 14% quarterly and 15% for the year.

Between Q1 2010 and Q4 2009, at the other offices, there has been a reduction in traffic since every activity is framed in the office PK20 (35%).

Air travel as it is marked by significant counter-performance except in the freight activity.

As for telecommunications, Djibouti-Telecom performs well for the beginning of 2010, including increasing the number of lines of +7.6% over three months and 19.6% for the year and the rising number of Internet subscribers and phone lines,  a total of 902 more subscribers.

Regarding the index of consumer prices between February and March 2010, amounted to 140.6 and 141 respectively, an increase of 0.3% and 3.4% over one year .

Regarding the situation of public finances finally Bulletin reports that it is reflected by a larger trend of revenue against expenditure.

The budget, according to this source, recorded revenues rose 109% over one month and 7% over a year thanks largely to non-tax revenue. The expenditure recorded a growth rate of 95.5% over one month because of public investment and external, which are up 252%.

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