Djibouti: Reduction of Telephone Rates

(Horntrade) – The Djiboutian Minister of Culture and Communication, in charge of Posts and Telecommunications, and government spokesman, Abdi Ahmed Husain, explained that the reduction in tariffs leads to a decrease of 66% nationally and 80% internationally.

Thus, the call rates will be in Djibouti city, in the day, from 5 fd minute for calls from fixed to fixed fd instead of 15, a decrease of 67%.

For calls from fixed to mobile, they will be 10 minute instead fd fd 15 minute, a decrease of 33%.

For nightly rates, calls from fixed to fixed cost instead of 3 fd 15 fd 8 minutes, or a substantial drop of 80%.

As for the interior regions, the fixed to fixed calls will be 0 fd minute instead of 3 fd, a decrease of 100%.

“The rates fixed were revised in 2004. Regions of the interior have, in turn, benefited from a similar program in 2007 and 2010, at the launch of rural telephony using CDMA technology” said Mr. Husain Ahmed, recalling the various initiatives undertaken by Djibouti Telecom, with a view to expanding access to telecommunications services by lowering tariffs significantly.

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