Dispute led Ethiopian Airlines to suspend flights to Djibouti

(HornTrade) – A dispute between Ethiopian airlines and Djibouti Civil Aviation Authority has led Ethiopian airlines to suspend all flights between Ethiopia and Djibouti indefinitely. According to media reports, the dispute is over the type of aircraft Ethiopian flies to Djibouti.

Ethiopian Airlines would like to continue to operate turbo-propelled aircraft, while the Djibouti authority is pushing them to use jet-propelled planes for flights to that country, Arab News reported.

Fortune quoted Ethiopian airlines CEO Girma Wake as saying, “There are negotiations going on between the two countries, They have some demands . . . The suspension is only until some sort of agreement is reached.”

The route between Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa and Djibouti is one of Ethiopian Airlines’ longest-running routes, operating since 1946.

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