Daallo Airlines resumed service

(HornTrade) – Daallo Airlines resumed its air transport operations after two years of interruption. The news was made public by the founder of the airline, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Yassin better known by the nickname Olad at a press conference.

He seized the opportunity to go into the causes of the cessation of transport of passengers and freights Daallo Airlines.

“Two years ago, he said, Daallo was the leader of the local airlines. In order to diversify our activities, we had a proposal from a carrier of Dubai, ” said the businessman, adding that ” the financial crisis that rocked the world recently affected the project. ”

Founders Mohamed Haji Abdillahi Mohamed Ibrahim and Yassin Abusita Olad decided to resume the company and make Daallo Airlines competitive in the regional market.

Registered in the Republic of Djibouti, the Horn of Africa was the focus of the company, in addition to Djibouti, it served a dozen of other destinations with a fleet of ten aircraft. These destinations included Addis Ababa, Bosasso, Burao, Djibouti, Dubai, Hargeisa, Galkacyo, Jeddah Mogadishu, Nairobi and Sharjah.

The immediate Daallo is back to its previous success. The airline has for this purpose more than twenty years of experience in the areas of scheduled passenger, cargo and charter flights to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, is a Daallo major African airline linking the Horn of Africa (peninsula of East Africa) to the rest of the world.

In recent years, Daallo Airlines has had some changes due to market liberalization and technological developments: the traffic that was dominated by several large international airlines opened to all. Also, opening direct lines between Djibouti and France in Paris in July 2001 and the launch of direct flights between Djibouti and London in England in October 2002 allowed the carrier Daallo to make a name among the great family of airlines companies.

Starting from June 3rd, 2010 – Daallo Airlines resume its operations to Djibouti and Somalia:
From Dubai twice a week (Monday and Thursday)
From Jeddah once a week (Tuesday)

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