Africa-China:Once again, Africa is in love

(HornTrade)- Recently, the Chinese government own companies has been tapping the African markets and swindling their natural resources. While, they are promising the Africans so much here and there just like any super-power before them: the Soviet Union, the U.S. and Europe.

Yet a lot of African Politicians and some Scholars are still excited and satisfied – simply, China is building Soccer or football Stadiums, Convention Centers and Theatres for the African countries; instead of assisting them build science and technology schools, their energy-dams, modernizing their agricultures, and restoring their dead factories.

The question is, tough, are African still gullible as they were in the 1960’s and 1970’s?

In spite of the Africans are being infatuated with China. Are these same Africans aware that China sends to their respective countries the lowest quality products – clothing’s, shoes, bags and other electronics related materials? Perhaps, they should pay more attention when they get a chance to visit one of their old neighborhoods. They will be shocked to see the Chinese made shoes and other products mentioned above, usually cut to pieces in few days.

But in the West, China export their highest quality products ever made; because, they are being watched. So where the friendship the Chinese’s elites and their African lovers are are preaching about?

There’s no secret, though, Africans tend to fall in love easily with any one whom being cunningly nice to them. If I recalled, Africa were once in love with the Soviets – merely because they gave them a comfort – as a result of the humiliation, exploitation and racism that Africans endured and still are for centuries with our former Colonies.

Where is Africa now? We are back to square one, again. African leaders must not allow to be swayed with a calculated hospitality by Chinese leaders. They have to remember their Western and Russian counterparts’ double standard.

Unfortunately, those Africans who often think logical are in exile or do not have a chance to directly influence their people as a result of lack of the freedom of expression and freedom of press into most of these African countries.

I too, for one impressed about the Chinese economic success. But that doesn’t mean I have to giggle like a little girl with their endless flattery toward Africans. What I want to see from the Chinese – if they are sincere – is to create a similar economic assistance to African countries: the Marshal Plan (similar to Europe). History thought us that the Americans did it out of their sheer geo-political interest. Needless to say, the United States merely didn’t want the Communists to take over Europe – that was a realistic move.

China must understand the Soviets’ collapse – was due to their hypocrisy and deception towards the developing World i.e. Africa. Of course, when they all alienated and deceived their friends. At the end, they faced with their true ideological enemy: the West. And where are they today? I think you got the point.

I think if the Soviets were only been honest to their friends and Allies; they wouldn’t have been where they are now. I know some communists would argue otherwise. But, the fact of the matter is – they were only there for themselves not to those who were providing Oil/Gas and other raw-materials to support for their industry.

African leaders must recognize that they have a second chance today: China. But, they must use it cleverly. They must also understand that the benefit between China and their Countries ought to be mutual. It’s crucial to look after their interest first. They must know what their countries want and constantly remind the Chinese. It’s China’s best interest to help Africa develop; because Africa will be the next economically vibrant continent to reckon with. Not only they have an abundant raw- materials, 47% of Oil/Gas reserve, fertile lands and large numbers of young population as well. Therefore, it’s China’s interest to create a genuine economic and strategic partner with African countries before is too late. If they are serious about their success as the next super-power in the midst of the Western dominated World – or – they will go down to the drain like the Soviets.

Sudan is a classic example or a test for China – and the World is watching – particularly if the Chinese government let the West separate Sudan. No doubt, the West will control the Oil of Sudan and the rest of Africa for that matter; and will be the beginning of the end of China.

Meanwhile, the American and European’s Oil/Gas companies will certainly control the supply of the World energy, once again. And China will be depended on with the West on their need of Oil/Gas for the future.

It’s a matter of time, the West is waiting that day like a hungry Wolf, and rests assure; when time comes, they will devour them to their best of their ability.

Africa must be vigilant about the growing blind love with the communist China. Who says they are not deceivers or opportunistic? African Leaders must not allow themselves to be seduced with few materials. At least, they ought to be getting for their God-giving natural resources with something valuable in return: technology or infrastructures, etc.

By Mohamed Awaleh, Publisher

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