About 200 containers of imports at stake

(HornTrade) – About 200 containers of Ethiopian imports are at stake at the Hong Kong waters, as the vessel on which they are loaded is in danger after the ship struck an underwater object and later berthed at the port of Hong Kong for a month now.

The Singapore-registered vessel, Kota Kado, hit a snug while transiting the strait between the Miaowan and Beijing islands, with over 1500 containers and twenty-two crew members on board. The vessel was supposed to call at the port of Djibouti days ago as its final destination, according to informed sources.

Deliberately run aground in the waters in an attempt to avoid capsizing, the ship was guided into harbor where it still stands after a month. No one was injured and the crew members were transferred to another vessel.
However, with a severe tropical storm brewing in the South China Sea, it became almost impossible to unload over half of the containers and transfer them to other vessels, which will likely subject the goods to be damaged, according to professionals in the transiting industry. Nearly half of the 1,500 containers aboard were off-loaded to other vessels, including 22 found to be carrying dangerous goods, according to reports.

The national liner has sent representatives to Hong Kong to follow up the matter more closely while the pertinent professionals have commenced assessing the damages that accrue from the accident.

The national flag carrier, the sole liner in the country, is currently dealing with insurance policy issues with customers whose goods on the beleaguered ship are at stake.

The liner provides service Europe, Far East, Arabian Gulf, Indian sub-continent routes with a fleet of nine vessels. It also gives a cross-trade service mostly from Europe to Red Sea and Gulf ports.

On ports where it does not call, the liner provides its service by renting vessels in a slot arrangement, as the case is with the Kota Kado.


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