South Sudan: Ethiopia, Djibouti Delegations in Juba for Pipeline Construction Strategy

(HornTrade) – A high level delegation from both the neighboring State of the Republic of Ethiopia and Djibouti arrived in Juba Wednesay to attend a technical framework for the construction of South Sudan oil pipelines through the two countries.

The delegation is composed of the State Ministers and permanent secretaries from the two countries.

South Sudan last year decided to shut down its oil operation to Sudan due to theft by Khartoum causing a lot of row between the two countries and the country has been exploring a construction of two alternative pipelines one through Kenya and the other through Ethiopia and Djibouti.

While receiving the delegation, the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining Elizabeth James Bol told the press at Juba International Airport that the technical framework will focus on terms and conditions for the implementation of the pipeline construction project.

She said the discussion will be the first technical framework for the draft plans for the construction of the pipelines.

“They came to attend the technical framework of pipeline projects and will discuss the terms and conditions of the inter-governmental issues. Pipeline is one of the most important projects to the people of South Sudan due to its benefits,” she said.

The Deputy Minister further said that the projects would take almost three to five years for it to be implemented due to technicality and difficulties.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir last week visited the People’s Republic of China in an attempt to ask for the funding for the construction of an alternative South Sudan pipeline following its row with Sudan.

He signed a number of agreements which he hopes will fulfill his request from China.


Source: allafrica

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