S. Sudan in talks with Texas pipeline firm

(Horntrade) – South Sudan said Wednesday that it was in talks with a pipeline construction company based in Texas that would start constructing a pipeline in six months, according to the News Agency of South Sudan.

The news agency report, posted on the South Sudan government website, did not name the company. Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, spokesman for South Sudan, also said that South Sudan had signed a memorandum of understand with Ethiopia to construct an oil pipeline passing through Djibouti, the news agency reported.

He said that South Sudanese ministries should expect trims in their budgets after a meeting of ministers scheduled to take place this weekend, the agency reported.

South Sudan, which produces 350,000 barrels of oil per day, shut down its oil production last month after negotiations over oil transit fees with Sudan ended without agreement.

Source: marketwatch

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