Djibouti: Total convicted to pay 204 million euros

(HornTrade) – The oil company Total was sentenced to 200 million euros in damages and four million euro fine by a court of Djibouti in a matter of oil pollution of the harbor. Another company was also convicted, it is Oil Libya.

Oil leaks are discovered in 1997 during expansion of the port of Djibouti. These leaks come from an old network of pipelines that date from the 1940s.

Today, the two branches are convicted of the oil company: These are Total and Total-Djibouti-Djibouti Marketing, each two-million fine and $ 100 million in damages that they will pay to the state of Djibouti. Ultimately be 204 million euros in total for Total, a record. Another company, Oil libya is convicted in this case to the same penalty of 102 million.

According to the ruling, Total has three months to restore sites affected by pollution, under penalty of fine of several thousand euros per day. But as oil pollution that exists today only because of residual work was initiated in 2001. Total employs 45 people in Djibouti. The three expatriates were recalled to Paris for consultations.

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