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Eritrean ports begin to climb

(HornTrade) – Eritrea has launched a drive to revamp its ports of Massawa and Assab. These ports have been left languishing after the rupture of relations with Ethiopia cut Eritrea out of the picture and Ethiopian cargo moved to neighbouring Djibouti.

The Ports Rehabilitation Project (PRP) is designed to substantially increase the productivity and capacity of both Massawa and Assab ports. Already, there seems to be signs of improvement as the combined number of ships rose by 22% last year: 273 ships called at the port of Massawa with cargo amounting to around 550,000 tonnes. Read the rest of this entry »

Daallo Airlines resumed service

(HornTrade) – Daallo Airlines resumed its air transport operations after two years of interruption. The news was made public by the founder of the airline, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Yassin better known by the nickname Olad at a press conference.

He seized the opportunity to go into the causes of the cessation of transport of passengers and freights Daallo Airlines.
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Felix Airways Launches New Regional Flights

(HornTrade) – Felix Airways revealed that it is strengthening its air fleet by a modern aircraft of 900 models, to meet the increasingly demands for CRJ services.

Felix Airways, which has conducted twice-weekly flights between Aden and Dammam, began last Thursday launching new routes between the cities of Taiz and Dammam of Saudi Arabia. The company noted in a press release that it will start during the coming days to fly between Taiz and Abha city in Saudi Arabia. Read the rest of this entry »

Geothermal Companies Vie for African Development Contracts

(HornTrade) - East Africa — East Africa is famous for its national parks like the Serengeti, the continent’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro, and its exceptional safaris, but now it’s being celebrated by energy companies for its geothermal resources.

Most of Africa’s geothermal resources are located in its Rift Valley, one of the geologic wonders of the world.  The Rift Valley spans roughly 3,700 miles (6,000 kilometers) across East Africa and runs through Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.  It’s here that geologists observe firsthand how continents break apart and draw hot magma toward the surface. Scientists Read the rest of this entry »

Ethiopian Airlines changes to Djibouti and Sana’a

(HornTrade) - Ethiopian Airlines as per 18MAY10 GDS timetable display has further adjusted its operation to Djibouti and Sana’a for flights effective from 15JUN10. Also, new Dash8Q-400 turboprop is in operation on these market

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EXIM (Export and Import) Bank of India in the East African region

(HornTrade) – Ethiopia and EXIM (Export and Import) Bank of India signed agreement here on Tuesday enabling to set up a representative office of EXIM Bank in Addis Ababa.

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Djibouti Livestock: In a critical situation

(HornTrade) - Years of drought have had a dramatic impact on the overall health of the herds deteriorated significantly. Pastoralists and agro pastoralists have suffered combined losses of livestock, estimated between 70% and 80%.

The latest drought is a continuation of previous similar disasters, the most severe were probably those of the years 2006 and 2008. Note that these were spread over a period of four to five years with tangible results in a rainfall deficit. The predictable result: the production of lambs is already lost because of rain delays. Read the rest of this entry »

Kenyan Government Investigates Possible Pirate Ties to Real Estate Boom

Some estimates say pirates collected more than $100 million in ransoms in last two years alone

(HornTrade) – Real estate prices in Kenya’s capital have doubled, even tripled, in the past few years, and the government wants to know why.  Investigators are looking into possible ties to Somali pirates. Volatile, lawless Somalia, where, last year, the International Maritime Bureau says pirates hijacked 47 ships and kidnapped 867 crewmembers. Read the rest of this entry »

Ethiopia: Petronas suspends exploration work in Ogaden

(HornTrade) - The Malaysian oil and gas giant, Petronas, has suspended exploration work in the Ogaden basin due to security problems.

According to reliable sources, the company suspended work after Jason Read, a 39-year-old British geologist working for IMC on oil exploration, was killed last April by unidentified gunmen in Danot town, Warder zone. No group took the responsibility for the daylight crime.
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Djibouti to install thermal generators for 75 MW

Djibouti has received a $30 million loan, part of the money it needs to put up a 75 megawatt thermal electricity plant, the head of its power utility told Reuters.

It is waiting for another $100 million but had agreements with the Kuwait Fund and Saudi Fund for $30 million each, and the Islamic Development Bank and OPEC would provide another $40 million each.
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