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Seacom finish line in sight

It will split in the northern Indian Ocean, with one leg running to the northern city of Mumbai and the other will travel up the Red Sea, across the Mediterranean and terminate in the French city of Marseille.

Today’s milestone in the project’s implementation includes the completion of the branching units and shore-ends necessary to direct the traffic to the landing stations across eastern and southern Africa. Seacom says all cable landing stations, including terminal equipment, have also been completed and are operational. Read the rest of this entry »

UN ‘runs out of aid for Ethiopia’

UN ‘runs out of aid for Ethiopia’

Rations have already been cut by a third since July last year
The UN has warned that it has run out of food to provide for nine million Ethiopians who rely on its assistance.

A UN spokesman told the BBC the port of Djibouti was seriously congested and there was little prospect of supplies arriving for the next five months. Read the rest of this entry »

From corporate America to the Horn of Africa, money makes the world go around

Hargeisa, 16 June 2009 (Somalilandpress) — The dusty, potholed streets of Hargeysa in Somaliland are filled with battered cars and ambling pedestrians. The tangled birds’ nests of wires that cling to every telegraph pole are testament to a boom in telephony, informal stalls line the roads, selling imported goods and Ethiopia-grown khat, a plant chewed as a stimulant – Read the rest of this entry »